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TitleProduct Description - ActivitiesPhone
RAJ CHEM Dlrs.Of All Type of Raw Rubber Compound, Synthetic Rubber Compounds, Silica Fillers, Process Oil, Phenolic Resin, Stearic Acid, Solvents 25003322 / 25002130
KANI METAL INDUSTRIES Hotel & Kitchen Equipments, S.S.Heavy Duty Fabricators, Kitchen Equipments, Industrial Model, Swimming Pool Accessories, Pharmaceutical Machinery 26660991 / 26662149 / 56790737
INDO GLASS BEADS Glass Beads, Sodalime Silica Solid Glass Beads 8192473 / 8192442
KULDEEP COLOUR UDYOG Dt. Crysophinine G Pluffy, Dt. Orange, Sun Yelow RCH, A Orange II. 25453982
SAMEER MODI ASSOCIATES Dehydrated Onion Products Export Consultants 30921253
PAYAL SALES CORPORATION Electric Motors - Crompton/Kirloskar/NGEF/BBL/ 22162414
SIDDHI TRADING CO Dealers oF Switches,Rigid PVC Conduit & Fittings 22142738
GANDHI ELECTRONICS Water Purifiers, Desalination Systems 2227201 / 2236169
GALAXY FIBREGLASS Cooling Towers, Bath Tub, FRP Rides, Auto Spare Parts, FRP Lining & All Kinds Of Fibreglass Moulding Cultured Marble Bath Tub & Basin 2388943 / 2585306
TWINKLE TECHPLAST PVT.LTD. Plastic Household Products, Moulded Furniture, Large Industrial Moulding 25830716
AUTOMATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERS Digital Multi Meters,Test & Measuring Instruments 26409686
MICON SOLUTIONS Temperature /Process Controllers,SCADA Software,AC/DC Drive,Power Controllers 26583616
GANESH AUTO INDUSTRIES Cylinder Liner & Sleeves 2389434
RAKSHIT INDUSTRIES Mfrs.Of Centrifugal Cylinder Liners 2389252
PREMIER ELECTRICALS Auth.Dlrs.Of Switchgears & Motors 2461242 / 2462258
SHREE SALES CORPORATION Dealers oF Electroplating & Polishing Machine 25470420
ART PACK PVT.LTD. S.G.Iron Castings, C.I.Castings 2249359
GOODBOSS ELECTRONICS Television, VCD, VCR & Electronic Equipments 2243802
AMBAR INDUSTRIES Brass & Brass Products 2552341
SHIVKRUPA PACKING Plastic Bags, Sheets, Rolls and Other Plastic Items 2312452
SHREEJI COATINGS Mfg. Offset Inks & Silk Screen Ink 2425189
APEX INDUSTRIES Dealers in Full Range of Vat Dyes, Sulphur Dyes and Napthol-Base 25711106
ABHISHEK ENTERPRISES Electro Plating & Silver Plating 28596219 / 25432541
PRASAD AGENCY Napthelene Acid, Pthalic, CPC, Blue MCB, Alchoholic Chloride 26580136
THANAVALA ENTERPRISE Teflon Coating 24378713

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